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                                                                     Submitted by Mitchell Schlotterer                                                                   

My name is Mitchell Schlotterer and I live in Dublin, OH.  I am 15 years old and I will be a freshman at Hilliard Davidson High School.  I have always loved boating at Indian Lake since I was a small child.  I used to sit on my Grandpa’s lap (John Coleman) and he let me steer.Last summer, my Grandpa and I decided to look for an upgrade from my aluminum,  Evinrude, 5 hp row boat.  I have always wanted my own boat.  One day, my Grandpa tricked me by showing me a house that he had listed, he sells real estate.  We went to the back of the house towards the lake.  I saw a cool boat on the lift.  It had a sign on it that said, “Mitchell and Papaw’s boat.”  I couldn’t believe it!

 It is a 1959 Richline with a 1960 Evinrude Big Twin 40 hp engine.  The boat is a 14 foot, aluminum with flat black paint and chrome trim.  It was restored by a guy in Indiana.  It has a bench seat in the front and in the back.  The dials in the front dash are a speedometer and a clock.

 This spring we registered it as a historical watercraft and right now it has historical plates.  I enjoy working on it, keeping it clean, and spending time with my grandpa.  I always take it out when we visit Indian Lake.  I love to take to people on rides.  I also love the looks that I get when it’s in the water!

Look for me in Dunn’s Pond, at the boat show in July or passing you on the water!  


                                                                      Submitted by Mike Fogarty

Our ILACBS member, Jack Beatley, displayed his rare 1931 Century 14' Thunderbolt at the June 20th Conneaut Lake Allegheny Chapter Show. This year the National Century Boat Club Annual "Roundup" was held in conjunction with the Allegheny show in NW Pennsylvania. 79 Boats were registered with 90% being Centurys. Mike, Bonnie, and Brian Fogarty took these Photos of Jack and his incredible Century Racer.


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